4. My Competences.

Part 5: Evaluating the development of my competences in high school.

My development in high school was a regular .In the first half was fine because I did not fail any subject in the second half was also good I failed a subject, but pass on third failed one and fourth semester fail two by Finally this semester might fail because one or two on two themes do not understand. Finally school is to learn and clarify doubts, I met great friends and colleagues, as well as good teachers too. This semester seems to be the end of the matter of English, I can say I have an excellent teacher who taught us many things this semester have grown fond of it and leave is not easy, it is strict, but through what our class is . I can say that the school is a very nice place. In previous semesters and promised good grades, but not easy, as there are also difficult issues. My life plan right now is to try to not fail, go to college and move on. I'm not working yet, I plan to continue studying, but if I do not pass the test in college, I will come to work. All this would pass from hence to get out and enjoy this moment that this stage will not last forever..
I want to study in college? I'm really thinking my career programming in high school is good, but what I do not like is that I'm going blind, I fail too many things, so no I will continue studying this race. What I plan to study later? Being a clothing designer, create my own style and my own clothes. But I also have another, they are two secure jobs.
Having a family and be able to maintain, in order to enjoy this life because there will be no other. Gran sonrisa