Register Company in Spain

Entrepreneurship, from the conception of the project, through the effective implementation of the business plan until the development of the activity itself, is not easy.

The complica thing is if we add the additional obstacles of being an immigrant, such as the problems of linguistic comprehension, the adaptation of the idiosyncrasy to a new context, culture and lifestyle, the management of the numerous procedures and necessary permits and the rest.

If you overwhelm all the paperwork in the way of achieving with your company 'the Iberian dream', which is like the American but with public health and ham serrano, do not worry. You can always count on the help of a professional consultancy that provides you with quick solutions and can guide you in your process of adaptation as an entrepreneur.

For this the agency specialized in advising companies Register company in Spain, leaders at the national level in their sector, will be happy to throw a cable. So you can focus all your energy on evolving and running your business.

Can Register Company in Spain be a foreign person?
The possibility of Register Company in Spain being an immigrant exists. If the intention of the entrepreneur is, in addition to forming and owning the business, working on it, then it will be required to have a residence and work permit on his own.

In the case of being part of a business project only as a capitalist partner, as long as the work is carried out by hired personnel or Spanish partners who have a work permit in Spain, it will not be necessary to process this type of authorization.

Requirements for Register Company in Spain as a non-EU immigrant
In the first place, obviously, not being a citizen of a State of the EU, European Economic Area or Switzerland, since the corresponding regime would apply.

No criminal record in Spain in any of the crimes included in the Spanish code, as well as in the rest of the countries in which the interested party has resided.

Do not find yourself in an irregular situation in the country. Therefore, not have the entry prohibited, not to be rejected in Spain or any of the territories with which there are agreements in this area, as well as being out of the commitment period of no return to Spain after voluntarily return to the country of origin .

Have professional qualification required or accredited experience for the exercise of your specific activity, as well as, if necessary, professional membership.

Be able to justify the ability to cover the investment planned for the start-up of the project, as well as reflect if there is the possibility of generating new jobs in Spain.

Accreditation of having the economic capacity for maintenance in addition to the expenses deducted from the development of your professional activity.

Comply with current regulations regarding the opening and start-up requirements of the business.

Requirements for Register Company in Spain if you are a European citizen
Fortunately for you, if it is your case, the current agreements between the member countries of the EU and the territories included in the European Economic Area, state that:

· Any EU citizen has the right to: Register Company in Spain own (even as sole holder) in any EU country (or Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein).

· Create a branch or subsidiary of an existing company that has its registered office in the EU and is already registered in an EU country.

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